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"It's about making innovation sustainable for young people.
I know a lot of people my age with great ideas in great programs. But we need to connect pitch events, school programs, universities and incubators into a joined-up pathway that ends in real startup experience."

Mackenzie Reardon, Co-Founder

Platform and Workshops

We are a youth-led, for-profit enterprise connecting young entrepreneurs to the startup ecosystem. Whether we are future innovators or service providers, our aim is to ensure more of us stay in the startup world and improve our world sooner in life.

We provide highly interactive workshops where participants learn how entrepreneurship works and what it's like to work in a startup.

We deliver the workshops to school students in years 10-12 and to groups of youth interested in entrepreneurship and startups. The workshop program is specifically targeted to youth learning aptitude. The program has been designed with intensive feedback from youth and is continually being updated.

Workshop participants

Highly interactive exercises are spaced throughout the workshops. These exercises include group and individual work which is scrutinised by the workshop facilitators. Participants use a NEXTi Digital Workbook to capture learning from the presentations and exercises, and also for follow-up on an individual or group basis.

The workshop presenters are the NEXTi executive team, featuring a blend of young and old entrepreneurs.

Workshop lead time is one month from booking confirmation and workshops can have between 8 - 30 participants.

Calendar of Events

The current NEXTi workshop series available:
Entrepreneurship Unplugged (EUP101)
Lean Agile Design thinking Startups (LAD102)
Startup Creation & Working in a Startup (SCW204)

The Team

Mackenzie Reardon

Co-Founder / CDO
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Dr Dean Alle

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